CORXis an exciting and challenging game of strategy. It can be played with dice (Classic CORX - which adds an element of chance), or it can be played without dice (Master CORX- which will appeal more to serious Chess and Go players). 

What People Have Said About CORX!

“A great strategy game for the whole family”
                                     Three Troll Games

“Corx combines strategy, vision, and 
creativity…I highly recommend it”
                                     Jane (Long Island)

“One of the great things about Corx
 is its versatility. I love this game!
                                Phil (Charlemont, MA)

“My 11 year old twins absolutely love 
Corx. So does their Mom!”
                                    Karyn (Keene, NH)

“The kids play it every day!”
                            YMCA Program Director

“Awesome! I love it”
                                           William (age 8)

“Our family has had a great time with Corx”
                                            Susan (age 43)

50% of CORX profits are donated to non-profit organizations. If your organization is interested in benefiting from CORX sales in your community or region, contact us at